5 Strategies to Use for B2B Marketing

In the last few years, marketing for B2B companies has changed significantly. B2B marketing no longer means simply attending a few trade shows, printing few ads in publications or handing out brochures. The B2B buyers of this generation are digital natives — they have grown up online. Therefore, B2B marketers must enhance their online presence if they want to stay relevant in this increasingly competitive segment.

Here are a few strategies that you can use for B2B marketing to attract the attention of digital natives.

1. Create Landing Pages

Whether you are marketing through social media, web-based advertisements or email, always make sure that the link you provide directs the user to a dedicated landing page. The landing page should specifically relate to what you are advertising. That’s because business decision-makers — the ones you want to attract through your offer — hate it when a link directs them to a home page that doesn’t highlight the offer you are advertising.

2. Use Video

Videos are gaining prominence over text format and many social networking sites now support video content. You can no longer afford to ignore this medium. Leverage the strength of the video to communicate with business decision-makers. Deliver a unique experience to your audience by solving a problem, sharing insights about your niche or creating emotional connections.

3. Email Blasts

Email blasts are one of the most effective B2B marketing strategies. You can use them in tandem with a direct email. For email blasts, you must first understand your prospects and then craft content that resonates with them. The subject of your email must be personalized and you should try to capture the curiosity of clients.

4. Invest in Digital Paid Advertising

Search something on Google or just open your Facebook account and you’ll see a number of promotional ads. Why is that? It’s because the trend of digital paid advertising is rising. With paid advertising for your B2B business, you can target a specific audience and reach specific markets to optimize the return on investment on your valuable dollars.

5. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools for B2B marketing because it works well for B2B leads. LinkedIn is responsible for over 80 percent of social media leads of a business.

Remember that on LinkedIn, your prospects won’t come to you, you must find them!

With the advanced search option of LinkedIn, you can identify the type of people you want to target. From the header menu, click on the search people icon and then select the advanced option. The search can be filtered by location, industry, company, school, non-profit interests and profile language. When you have created a targeted search, you can save it to stay active in prospect search. Getting B2B leads is not easy, so you must stay consistent to generate leads for your business.