How To Set The Right Appointments

In the B2B world, stakes are extremely high and everyone is fighting to capture the attention of prospects. In this heated battle, appointments can serve as a powerful weapon to help you grab the attention of prospects thereby increasing your chances of making a sale.

However, setting the right appointments isn’t easy and not everyone knows how to convince a decision-maker into saying ‘yes’ to your invitation for an appointment. If you are currently struggling to set appointments with the key decision-makers, read on as we are going to demonstrate a few ways you can increase your sales appointments.

1. Research

Do your research before calling a prospect. By researching your prospects, you can get insights into the issues and pain points that are troubling your prospects and offer them solutions they may be interested in.

The more useful insights you have into the troubles and interests of your prospect, the higher will be chance of a prospect saying ‘yes’ to your appointment request.

2. Develop a Script

Winning over a prospect isn’t simple and the task gets even tougher when you don’t know what you should say to persuade them. Therefore, prepare a good script before calling your prospects. However, don’t forget to improvise and deviate from the pre-written script if necessary.

3. Keep the Tone Consistent

Sound as lively and fresh on your 100th call as you do on the first one. None of your prospects will agree to an appointment, if you sound mono-toned and dull. Keep your voice lively and your tone sharp.

4. Ask for their Time

Always ask for the prospect’s time to ensure that they hear everything you have to say without any distractions. Just say something like: “Have I caught you at a bad time?” Salespeople often don’t say these kinds of things because it gives an opportunity to the prospect to say no.

However, asking the prospects whether they are free to talk shows that you respect their time. If the prospect does say that they’re busy, you can just ask them if it’s okay to ring a bell another time.

5. Don’t Try to Sell

Salespeople are naturally inclined to sell a service or product when interacting with potential buyers. However, the purpose of an appointment setting call isn’t to sell something to a prospect, but it’s rather to intrigue them enough to get an appointment. Therefore, when you are calling a prospect to set an appointment, don’t push anything upon them. Come as someone who cares about their problems and is willing to help them out of a predicament.

6. Be Prepared to Reschedule

Ideally, it is best to offer multiple dates for an appointment and ask the prospect when they are most comfortable to meet up. If the prospect doesn’t show up on the set date, don’t get discouraged. It is the part of the process and you should reschedule an appointment when the prospect doesn’t show up.

If you need assistance in setting the right appointments, feel free to contact us.