10 Cold Calling Tips That Will Help You Close Deals

If you think that you are the only one who gets overwhelmed by cold calls, you’re mistaken. Many marketers find it extremely hard to successfully pull off cold calls. Not everyone can handle the rejection, the hang-ups and the rude behaviour of the person they call to talk about their business offers.  

It is true that cold calling is difficult and hard to master, but with the rights tips and best practices, it can be lucrative and rewarding. Here are a few tips that can help you become an expert at cold calling.

1.           Be Mentally Prepared

Be mentally prepared to tackle the client and personalize each of your calls. Stay focused on the product or service you want to sell and the person you are pitching the idea to.

2.           Research

The most basic cold calling tip: research about your prospect before you make the call. When you have tracked down important information about your prospect, you can offer them value through your call and keep them interested in your offer. If you don’t research, the person at the other end of the phone will feel like you are only interested in shoving your offer in their face.

3.           Prepare an Outline

Write a short script to use as a reference during your call. The idea of a script is not to read directly from it like a robot, rather to use it as supporting material to help you deliver your message confidently and clearly.

4.           Rehearse

When you have prepared a script, start rehearsing. Speak what you have written and record your voice. Try to stay relaxed and calm when you’re speaking because if you’re nervous, you won’t be able to confidently present your offer and convince the client.

Look at your reflection in the mirror while you speak. This will help you reduce your anxiety and fear.

5.           Tone of Voice

The tone of voice you adopt for cold calling is important. You should sound calm, not scared, embarrassed, rushed or arrogant. Your tone of voice should be warm, straightforward and curious.

6.           Have a Clear Goal

Decide on the number of calls you wish to make over a certain time. For in-person calling, keep the length of the call below three minutes. Shorter calls and clear messages are critical for successful cold calls.

7.           A Compelling Opening Sentence

When you have a person on the phone, you only have ten seconds to grab their attention! Therefore, you must prepare a compelling opening sentence to prove to your prospect that you’re wroth their time.

8.           Mirror the Tone of Prospect

To develop instant rapport, mirror the rhythm and tempo of your prospect’s voice. If your prospect talks quickly, then talk back quickly.

9.           Nail Your Voicemails

People sometimes won’t answer your calls, so you must prepare killer voicemails. Keep the message clear and use your strong compelling sentence to grab the attention of your prospects.

10.     Don’t Get Discouraged

Never get discouraged from a bad call. Remember every failure is an opportunity in disguise. So, use the bad call as a learning experience. Determine the mistakes you made and work on them to ensure successful calls in the future!