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Setting Appointments that Convert to Sales!

Taking a prospect to the next level and closing the sale is the most difficult part of any sales and marketing process. Our B2B appointment setting services are designed to help make the task of closing the sale simple for you.

With B2B appointment setting services of Servme, you can stay focused on the closure of sales rather than spending time in opening doors. In our B2B appointment setting, we get in touch with your prospects, provide them with a complete and impactful overview about the products or services you are offering and after establishing your authenticity, we request the appointment.

B2B appointment services help clients come face to face with the key decision-makers and provide them with an opportunity to use their powerful pitch to convert the appointment into a sale.

We realize that for many businesses it is hard to find leads, let alone convert them into sales. So, we take away the pain of finding leads and allow businesses to focus on closing them. With our B2B appointment setting services, we can establish high quality leads for you, taking the headache away from your sales team. All the leads are generated based on the criteria you provide us, which means that you’ll get in touch with decision-makers who are really interested in your offers.

Our B2B appointment setting services are based on tried and tested methods, which make us so confident of them. See for yourself how our B2B appointment setting works.

Features of Appointment Setting


The Right Appointments

We understand your time is valuable. Therefore, our team of experienced appointment setters only book validated appointments with prospects that meet your qualification criteria, so that you have a high chance of selling your services or products.


The Right Preparation

Prior to your appointment with the prospect, we make sure that you are well prepared and have knowledge about your prospect. We equip you with valuable information about your prospect and provide digital call recordings of our conversations with the prospect so that you know exactly who you are dealing with and prepare the perfect pitch to convert the lead into a sale.

Transparent Reporting

We maintain 100 percent transparency in our reporting process. We provide information about the prospects we are targeting so that you can make sure that all the leads we generate meet your qualification criteria. We also provide details of the calls made to the prospects, including the number of calls made, number of prospects contacted and the conversation conducted with the prospects.

Managing your calendar

We maintain a full calendar that includes the time of the calls made to your prospects. We monitor the prospects that accepted our proposal and agreed for appointment in the calendar and list the reasons behind a prospect’s rejection to an appointment. You can access the calendar to see how your B2B appointment campaign is progressing.

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