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Finding it hard to invite your prospects and clients to your company conferences, meetings and events? We can help you capture their attention through our B2B Telemarketing services. Many businesses are leveraging the outstanding potential of telemarketing to improve their relationships with prospects and clients through personalized contact. B2B telemarketing can help you build stronger networks!

Most companies use email to send invitations to their prospects and clients for events and conferences, but what these companies fail to realize is that there are now sophisticated email filters that treat their invites as ‘spam’ and send it directly to the junk folder. When your message doesn’t reach your prospects, how can you ever capture their attention?

B2B telemarketing is a much more effective way to reach prospects as phone invitations are more personalized and gives prospects a chance to inquire about a business. They can have their concerns addressed right away. Phone invitations provide a direct channel for communications, which makes B2B telemarketing perfect for raising awareness about new services or product launches, announcing events or company news and follow-ups.

Features of B2B Telemarketing



We realize timing is critical for B2B telemarketing. Thus, we begin working on our telemarketing campaign to capture the attention of your prospects from the day you make contact with us. We waste no time and begin crafting the perfect pitch that appeals to your prospects.


We network with you and involve you in the B2B telemarketing campaign. We are experts in telemarketing and have helped increase sales of a variety of businesses through our services. But, that doesn’t mean we are so overconfident of our skills that we’ll ignore you. We take valuable input from you to craft our telemarketing campaign because we know that no one understands your business like you do.


We maintain complete records of calls made to your prospects on a calendar with exact time of the call. You are provided with these records to evaluate our B2B telemarketing campaign.



We constantly examine and evaluate our B2B telemarketing campaign to determine its performance and make changes (if necessary) to make sure that you get the results you desire.


We maintain complete records of your prospects and provide you with all the details of the leads we hand over to you.


We maintain 100 percent transparency in our work. We provide complete statistics, including number of calls made to contacts, the contacts that responded, the feedback they gave and the prospects who gave a positive response.

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