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Looking to Grow Your Business Through Lead Generation? Servme Can Help!

Businesses are looking to grow their presence and break the geographical boundaries by acquiring new clients through B2B lead generation. The arsenal of various services for lead generation has made this more effective. At Servme, we offer you the best lead generation services to help you enhance your performance and grow your business.

Our in-depth expertise and experience in the digital marketing realm makes us capable of providing high-quality, consistent B2B lead generation services to businesses of all sizes. Whether we are given the task of generating leads for startups or for large corporations, we leverage the power of versatile lead generation tools to drive the interest of decision makers.

Most companies use email to send invitations to their prospects and clients for events and conferences, but what these companies fail to realize is that there are now sophisticated email filters that treat their invites as ‘spam’ and send it directly to the junk folder. When your message doesn’t reach your prospects, how can you ever capture their attention?

B2B telemarketing is a much more effective way to reach prospects as phone invitations are more personalized and gives prospects a chance to inquire about a business. They can have their concerns addressed right away. Phone invitations provide a direct channel for communications, which makes B2B telemarketing perfect for raising awareness about new services or product launches, announcing events or company news and follow-ups.

Features of Lead Generation


The Right Data

Accurate and targeted data is the key to lead generation. We analyze valuable data about decision makers to determine the ones that meet your qualification criteria.

Profiling Your Business

After listening to your needs, understanding your business, and analyzing the data, we target the right decision makers and then research them to prepare our plan. We want to learn what their pain points are before we approach them so we can capture their attention instantly.

The Perfect Pitch

We craft each campaign pitch to best meet the interest of the decision makers. We believe that each individual is unique and that is why we never work with scripts. We understand your products and services to present them as our own and compel the qualified decision makers.


Measuring Your Results

We don’t take breaks- we continuously work on your lead generation campaign. Our team stays in contact with you to keep you updated about the progress and if any issue is found, we quickly address it. We measure results consistently and deliver performance reports as proof for results we promised.

Closing The Deal

After we have captured the attention of the decision maker, we close the deal by arranging your appointment with them to provide you a genuine sales opportunity.

A Sales Surge

The more B2B sales leads you have, the more your sales will be. By capturing the attention of the decision makers, you can grow your sales and increase the profits for your business.

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